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Dilema of the Day

March 11, 2009

Sometimes it happens: I need an oil change. Badly. And when that coincides with a late afternoon with two napless grumps and one sweetie who had too much sleep, I have to consider my choices carefully:

1–Sears: drop-off, walk around the mall, have some ice cream. Usually that is a pretty good deal, especially in the winter when we might want to stretch our legs. But we just had a run-in with the mall on Saturday, and I have sworn it off for another season or two.

2–Dealer: but you probably need an appointment, and I didn’t have one, and it is surely the most EXPENSIVE option, and last time I was there their service was so poor and slow, it did not make up for the superior waiting room.

3–Monroe/Jiffy kind of place: but they have CRUMBY waiting rooms full of tires and like to tell you what ELSE your car needs and they had a wait (I tried).

But like an oasis, I see a marquee for INSTANT OIL CHANGE and turn in. It is a drive through place–how 1950s. But they can take us now, and there is no unloading and reloading and car-seats and whines. And I happen to have two tootsie-pops in my purse, to make the brief wait bearable…


Don't ask me about Lily's hair--it was a Baba day; usually he does very well--better at pigtails than I am--but today it was very Diana Ross

Ahhhhh…easy choice for today. And the one who DIDN’T get a lolipop? Is pretty happy with his hands.


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  1. Ganie permalink
    March 12, 2009 1:09 pm

    I kind of like the Diana Ross look…kind of lets Lily’s inner diva show through!

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