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My Clocks are Playing with my Mind

March 10, 2009

Everyone hates the time change, right?  I mean, even when it’s the good change, the one that gives you more sleep, it is disconcerting.  Your internal clock is knocked off.  Your actual clocks are not aligned.  If you are like me, for several days you are still changing time on various devices and just not very confident that you are actually ON time.

Do you have any devices that change the time themselves?  Do you trust them?  I don’t.  What about the ones I bought back when we changed time at a different time?  It used to be April, right?  Have they been told when to change your time now?


I have a DVD player that must think it can change itself, but it can’t.  It didn’t do anything Saturday night, which is fine with me, because I don’t trust it, anyway.  And I can deal with 2 different times in my house–I can handle my watch, alarm clock, and oven being on the new time and my microwave and DVD player being on the old time.  Really, I can.  But Monday morning, the DVD player had adjusted itself to a new time–the WRONG time–it went BACK an hour.  It’s done this to me before–just changed arbitrarily.

I think it is playing with me.

I think it is trying to make me late.

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